Electricians / Electrical Contractors in the Greater Toronto Area

Our Electrical Contractors specialize in Electrical Wiring of buildings, transmission lines and related equipment

CarmTech Electric Ltd has been transforming retail, industrial and commercial projects since 2011. Our focus is in providing quality electrical work and we believe that whatever we are working on, may it be an exterior fixture which is visual to all or working inside a panel which is not seen by many our work should be clean and have appeal. Our workmanship is never compromised, and we are attentive in making the inside of a panel come together as a design.

Within the CarmTech Electric Ltd Corporation there are no middlemen. With our years of electrical experience, we are able to service you from start to finish. We only hire tradesmen that can do it all, with experience, knowledge, and exceptional skill. Specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment. Furthermore, we install new electrical components or maintain and repair existing electrical infrastructures. Our electrical team is extremely committed to providing great solutions and we offer a wide range of expertise making sure all your needs and design wishes are achieved.

Humble Beginnings

The son of a master electrician, Carmine began working and learning about the electrical trade and industry. He worked endlessly by his father’s side from the age of 17. Carmine worked for his fathers’ electrical company as a supervisor for many years, taking care of projects across the GTA and surrounding areas for 21 years until his father decided to retire. Carmine had the opportunity to continue with the business name or start a new beginning. In 2011 a Carmine opened the doors to Carmtech Electric Ltd., his mantra being that possibilities and opportunities are everywhere and they can be endless. This would be his journey offering electrical services on all types of projects, such as custom-built homes, renovations, service and maintenance, industrial, commercial, and retail construction. We work with the mind set that we notably can complete a project by its deadline, even when facing questionable situations, demanding that every negative can become a positive situation by treating it as a learning experience.